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Company Profile

Providing satisfaction of ownership to our customers has been our motto and goal since 1994. We derive our success from our customers’ satisfaction. That is why our customers’ needs are our highest priority. We understand our customers’ aspirations, and create lifestyle spaces that reflect their dreams. We believe in transformation. We always try to accommodate new trends in our designs. We are driven by the relentless quest to make a difference in our customers’ lives. It inspires us to innovate, to push ourselves beyond our abilities, and create landmarks.

At Prasun Homes; we understand that home ownership is not just about creating a happy life. It is about creating value that will last a lifetime. We plan our projects keeping futuristic trends in mind, thus creating sustainable lifestyle and business spaces. We adhere to stringent quality norms. We are committed to creating environment friendly complexes. Thus, we offer you homes that make you smile, and promise a lifetime of joyous rewards.